Joni Pekkala


Location: Oulu, Finland

Interesting fact about me: My London no good

Bio / About me: I have played 1st time when I was 6, then i just started to play CS 1.6 for fun, when CS:GO came out I just played operations with my friends, public Finnish servers and just and few mm games. I played a lot league of legends in that time and I joined in team because I like to play competitive every game. In 2017 I played first LAN tournament in CS:GO, but didn’t get in semifinal, we just lost 2-3 out of 5 games. Then I just played CS:GO for fun and started League of Legends. In 2019 I wanted to be good at CSGO, and joined my friend’s team. I played there 8 months, I was support/secondary igl. Now I just want to get in pro-scene someday and just grinding and practising my IGL skills.

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