Interview with CloudCrunch

Q1: Hi Cloudcrunch, Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with me. To start with, I’d like to ask you to go through how you know your team members and your history as a group.

“Yeah sure. So Gardai has been a good friend for a quite a while now; we played together on a couple teams and then came to precision as a duo looking for some support and from there we found the other boys. S1lent and Fram3 came to us as a trio with another player who doesn’t play for us anymore and the chemistry was there from the start so we took them on and then after swapping out a 5th we have recently taken on young Paton in the AWP role who came as a friend of Fram3.”


Q2: How did you establish who would play which roles and how much flexibility is there with those roles?

“When we started out with the aforementioned ex-fifth, I was awping with Fram3 ‘IGLing’ and the others taking on rifle roles depending on the map. The whole system was fairly loose with people just taking the roles they naturally drifted towards and most did a bit of everything. After we lost our fifth we took the opportunity to shake things up a bit. I took on the IGL role and roles were more defined with Gardai and Fram3 taking on anchor & Support/Entry roles, Paton grabbing the Big Green Gun and S1lent filling the gaps. Now we operate a structured, Astralis-like system which is what I feel the UK Scene is missing ATM. People are now assigned to roles rather than positions.”

Q3: Ambitions and Objectives you’d like to achieve by this time 2019?

“We have LANs lined up from April onwards and we are planning to win as many as we can! Perhaps more realistically, after our first couple LANs and people have gotten used to the process, I would like to see as many top eight finishes as possible in order to raise our profile as players and as an organisation. Improvement and experience is the name of the game so as long as steady progress is made I will be perfectly happy.”


Q4: How do you plan on achieving those objectives?

“Practise makes perfect really so the more we can play and reflect, the bigger the payoff in the future. Matches are analysed and translated into statistics that can be interpreted so we are working on what needs the most attention and improving with the most efficiency. Efficient and effective training is how we plan on propelling ourselves forward to being able to compete with the more established teams in the scene at the moment.”


Q5: To finish it off, What teams or players inspire you and keep you looking ahead into the CSGO esports Scene?

“Personally, I find North American Counter Strike to be the most exciting to watch but unfortunately structured and percentage based play is the most effective and consistent style at the moment so teams like Astralis, NAVI and North are the teams we watch the most right now. More locally we take inspiration from the spearhead UK teams such as Endpoint and Vexed as well as players like Dephh and the bossman Smooya himself who are showing everyone that the UK CS scene isn’t dead at all with new and exciting teams such as Precision emerging to challenge Europe.”

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